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About Us

We believe in business equity and are passionate about finding win-win outcomes when representing our clients. Exceptions however exist and in such circumstances, we do not hesitate to utterly rout the unrelenting opponent. We are committed to positive community impact and as such support charitable initiatives of interest. We also provide pro bono and discounted services to less-opportuned clients from time to time.
Are you looking to enter the Nigerian market and require sound guidance in navigating your industry’s legal and regulatory landscape? Give us a call. We are bullish in our pursuit of client satisfaction and go above and beyond the ordinary to achieve favorable and timely outcomes.

Lexworth is a firm of legal practitioners operating out of offices in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. We offer a full complement of legal services to our clients -both local and international, with a primary focus on business law including corporate and commercial transactions, Finance, Capital Markets and the Resolution of Commercial Disputes.

At Lexworth, we strive to always achieve client satisfaction by ensuring the protection of our clients’ interests in the most efficient and professional manner.

As our name suggests, the firm’s identity is steeped in the desire to uphold and promote the value (i.e. worth) of the Law. We aim to achieve this with a balance of flexibility and precision- tools that help us ensure we achieve targeted outcomes.

We are proud of our workforce and operate with an excellent team spirit and a strong desire to attain set goals to the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Our practice cuts across a diverse set of legal offerings and our lawyers constantly keep abreast of evolving global trends and developments as they impact legal practice both locally and internationally.

We pride ourselves in imbibing the culture of integrity, professionalism and adaptability. We appreciate that each client is unique in their requirements and as such ensure flexibility in the delivery of our services whilst firmly keeping our solutions within the confines of applicable law.

Pay us a visit at our offices, or in the alternative, contact us via email or telephone, and let us explore the possibility of commencing an excellent and value- adding, professional relationship.