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Community Impact News

Recent Training Programmes Organised by KHAN Regenesis

In February 2021, our Principal Partner, Yetunde Olasope, served as a member of the organizing committee for the training programme organized by KHAN on Electrical Safety and Covid-19 Compliance in the Workplace. This training was deployed shortly after an Air Conditioner Installation Training, (with an Integration of Health and Safety among AC technicians) held on 17th and 18th December 2020.

The trainings were carried out at no costs to the Technicians with the valuable support of Impact Hub Lagos Limited, The EKO Electricity Distribution Company, CoolPlus and Leeds Initiative, to provide the electricity and AC technicians with improved professional training to carry out their duties and prevent the occurrence of accidents, death and the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Certificates of participation were awarded to the attendees at the end of each training.

The trainings were championed by the Keep Hope Alive Nigeria Regenesis (KHAN Regenesis) Initiative, a not-for-profit organisation focused on the improvement in the quality and standards of vocational education and services in Nigeria and also the economic empowerment of a sizable portion of Nigeria’s population through gainful vocational employment and engagement. Yetunde Olasope serves on the Board of Trustees of KHAN Regenesis.