We strongly believe in giving back to and supporting the environment within which we operate and benefit from. As such, we are committed to supporting charitable causes and are particularly, actively involved in the activities of a non-governmental Initiative known as- Keep Hope Alive Nigeria Regenesis Initiative (KHAN Regenesis). KHAN Regenesis was created in response to the below par standards of vocational education and skills acquisition in Nigeria and is a not-for profit entity focused on providing structured, quality vocational sector education with certifications that will empower beneficiaries with world-class artisanal skills to help them work competitively. The certification courses look to encompass not just core vocational skills, but also business basics, customer service and entrepreneurial training. The wins to the society are multifaceted but the two strongest positive outcomes are that artisans are able to earn reasonable compensation after the acquisition of skills and the standard or artisanal output is largely improved, leading to better quality end products.

In addition to the above, we also provide pro bono services to qualifying induvial and companies as our resources and schedule permits. Our aim is to increase our footprint in this area over time, as commensurate with our growth and expansion.