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Capital Markets

The Nigerian capital market serves the largest economy on the continent. This status when combined with the rising population and relatively sustained foreign investor interest, births limitless opportunities for companies, start-ups and well-established businesses to raise funds from the investing public as the capital market proves an excellent tool in bridging the gulf between companies and potential investments. Companies are able to leverage the capital market to raise medium to long-term equity and debt capital and investors are able to earn returns on their funds with moderate risk exposure.

The existence of a large market and proximity to a sizeable pool of funds, however, only solves a handful of the problems faced by listed companies as these companies have to operate within a complex framework of laws and regulations targeted at effective regulation of the market and its key stakeholders.

Over the years, we have honed our capacity as capital market advisers, evolving our expertise to conform with global trends and demand. We have advised on a spectrum of capital market offerings including the issuance of debt and equity capital instruments through public offers and private placements, the establishment and listing of collective investment schemes including unit trust schemes and real estate investment trusts (REITs), schemes of merger and arrangements and acquisitions. We bring a lot of value to the table and have a track record of competently representing clients on all sides of transactions, including issuers, financial advisers, trustees, underwriters, et al. on complex deals emanating from different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

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