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Corporate Governance & Company Secretarial

The importance of effective corporate governance structures cannot be overemphasised in the successful operation of a business enterprise. Businesses exist within an intricate framework of laws that determine their trajectory, as the sustainability of a business is dependent on the extent of its compliance with relevant legislation. The compliance with industry best practices in turn, impacts the ability of entrepreneurs and companies to create thriving businesses and products, secure funding and drive growth. At Lexworth Legal Partners, we have an in-depth understanding of the regulatory landscape for businesses across sectors and leverage this knowledge to advise and ensure that all our clients, regardless of the industry within they operate or the scale of their operations, adopt the highest standards of corporate governance.

In addition to this, we offer company secretarial services to our corporate clients which include both private and public limited liability companies, Non-Government Organisations and ah-hoc governance boards and committees.
Our secretarial services include the scheduling of shareholders, board, and committee meetings, preparation and dispatch of notices for company and board meetings, filing of regulatory returns with general and sector-specific regulators, maintenance of statutory records and books, preparation and filing of resolutions and minutes of meetings, and the execution of company documents in our statutory capacity.


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