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Debt Recovery

The execution of commercial transactions does not always go as planned. In the wake of a breach and non-performance, it is necessary to protect the rights of our clients and seek legal redress for the failure of counterparties to discharge their legal obligations. Very often, debt recovery is one of such applicable remedies, whenever relevant or justifiable.

Lexworth Legal Partners has garnered experience in the recovery of debt arising out from the severance of commercial transactions. In this respect, we specialise in multiple areas including corporate and banking practices, due diligence, asset/debt recovery, asset tracing, secured credit transactions and judgment enforcement measures.

Members of our team have experience in utilising the powers of relevant legislative and judicial authorities to identify, trace, preserve and recover debts and charged assets whilst deploying legal tools which prevent the liquidation and illicit repatriation of crucial assets. Our expertise in this regard includes the procurement of injunctive orders, freezing orders, disclosure orders, and Mareva injunctions.

We are currently part of a consortium engaged as an Asset Management Partner to the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) for the recovery of outstanding debts.

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