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Labour & Employment Law

In this practice area, we have regularly leveraged our expertise to meet the needs of employers and employees alike, guiding our clients through the compliance matrix of Nigeria’s labour law and international conventions. In the course of our work, we have ensured that the legal provisions that regulate recruitment, employment and termination of employment contracts are not breached as we aim to strike a balance between the needs and rights of the employer and the employee against the backdrop of legislation.

As part of our duties to our clients, we have represented them in the negotiation of contracts of employment, investigated the acts and omission of employees for legal liability in the course of duty and established standard operating procedures for the severance and termination of employees with minimal exposure to liability incurred by our clients. At Lexworth Legal Partners, we know that recruitment can be a daunting task as the relationship between employer and employee is often laced with potential minefields, with possible liability lurking at many corners. With this reality in mind, we have gained mastery of the task of drafting and reviewing employment contracts to save costs and prevent distractions from business operations.

As part of our practice, we have drafted contractual employment documentation including executive and non-executive contracts, negotiated and settled employment-related contractual and trade disputes, and advised on employee issues including statutory and voluntary pension contributions, share option schemes and other employee related incentives and obligations.


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