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MSME Support

In Nigeria, as with most developing economies, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) serve as the lifeblood of the economy as the survival of the majority is hinged on the ability of these businesses to do much more than break even. We provide business support and advisory services tailored to the spectrum of needs of MSMEs in one of the most challenging business environments on either side of the Equator.

We are passionate about guiding and advising entrepreneurs and businesses through every stage of their growth as we recognize the range of demands shared by the actors in the MSME spectrum- start-ups navigating the maze of regulatory complications, existing businesses looking to raise funds, mature businesses needing cost-effective, expert legal and commercial advice, founders looking to exit- and deploy our expertise to exceed client expectation.

In order to consistently put our best foot forward in the provision of business development support to MSMEs, we strategically collaborate with reputable financial consultants and accountants for the delivery of value-added services. One of such partnerships is with FAG Consulting – a firm of Chartered Accountants and business consultants. FAG Consulting in collaboration with Lexworth Legal Partners is presently engaged as a Business Development Services Professional (BDSP) by the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) to support loan beneficiaries of the Fund in the provision of business support and due diligence services.


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