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Real Estate

Globally, real estate has evolved into a mainstay of government policy as well as a constant feature in the investment portfolios of institutional and private investors.  As with most sectors of the Nigerian economy, however, Nigeria’s real estate sector is complex and housed within a framework of laws, regulation and government oversight which in the absence of due diligence or diligent representation, has the potential to impair the interests of the potential investors in more ways than one.

At Lexworth Legal Partners, we have mastered Nigeria’s real estate landscape and tailored our practice to on one hand navigate the peculiarities of Nigeria’s real estate sector and on the other hand, recognise and cater to the demands of our clients with respect to the acquisition or transfer of interests in landed property.

With the interest of our clients at the heart of all our engagements, we are adept at navigating multiple real estate transactions as well as the laws which exist to regulate these transactions. We advise and see to the needs of our clients at three stages- pre-acquisition, acquisition and post-acquisition stages to ensure the seamless acquisition of permanent or tenured interest in property without liability.

We have represented and advised firms as well as individuals on either side of transactions including the acquisition of land, the procurement of approval for foreign investment and the financing and construction of projects. We also offer pre-contract advisory services, and have represented clients on construction contracts, acquisitions and disposals, financing, commercial real estate, land use and leasing.

We have first-rate experience in the perfection and investigation of title, conducting due diligence, and procuring of necessary governmental and environmental permits. We have drafted and negotiated real estate contracts and other conveyance documents, striking a fine balance between the needs of our clients and the obligation to comply with relevant legislation and the requirements of regulatory bodies.

Our clients benefit from our wealth of experience in advising on complicated projects, drafting documentation, facilitating negotiations and navigating legal and regulatory issues. We also work in tandem with our capital market team to advise on practice areas where property and corporate law intersect, drawing on our collective strength to negotiate and close such transactions.


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